All Inclusive Package

All Inclusive = Consultation Package + Starting Your Treatment

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New Patients – All Inclusive Package. Your flight ticket will be reimbursed up to €150.
Consultation Package is included in this offer and you will start your treatment during the same visit if the following conditions are met:*A.    If your treatment plan value is €2000 or more, we offer TWO nights in a 3 or 4 star hotel FREE of charge.
B.    If your treatment plan value is €4000 or more, we offer THREE nights in a 4 or 5  star hotel FREE of charge.
C.    If your treatment plan value is €6000 or more, we offer FIVE nights in a 5 star hotel FREE of charge. * Selected hotels only. Extra nights payable by the patient, We can tell you how many days are required for your treatment according to your treatment plan.

Send your inquiry now and we will contact you. Depending on your treatment plan, we can also create an alternative travel package not limited to the options above…

During your visit, your treatment can start immediately and as extensively as possible. Start your treatment now and chill out in one of our partner hotels during your stay!

Treatments can be performed in these time periods:
Professional tooth cleaning
Periodontitis treatment
Tooth removal
Implants & temporary tooth placement
Artificial bone structure
Root canal treatment
Veneers & laminates
Replacement / renewal of fillings, crowns and bridges
and much more