Perhaps the day you’ve always dreamed of is coming up soon. You’ve got the whole event planned, whether it’s a graduation, wedding day, your first day at a great new job, a promotion, or your retirement party. With all the rushing around arranging the food, flowers, and clothes, you might not think you have the time or budget for improving your smile, but we’re delighted to tell you that we can offer two easy and cost-effective methods for improving your appearance: whitening and bonding.

Dental Teeth Whitening

The most popular dental procedure these days is tooth whitening, and it can produce wonderful results in a short amount of time. It works best on teeth that have darkened due to age or that have been stained by coffee, tea, wine, berries, other foods, and tobacco. We offer in-office whitening, or we can prepare custom whitening trays for you to use at home. Either choice can significantly whiten your teeth, making them brighter and younger-looking.

Whether you choose in-office or at-home whitening can depend on your schedule. With the in-office procedure, we coat your teeth with a gel containing a high concentration of the whitening agent, and then we may apply heat, light, or laser energy to activate the gel. This method will give you whiter teeth in just a couple of appointments. The at-home procedure can be just as effective, but it does take longer. With this method, we create a custom tray that holds just the right amount of whitening gel. You wear these trays for a few hours a day for approximately one to five weeks, perhaps longer if stains are severe.


Bonding can provide dramatic results in a relatively short amount of time, usually in one appointment. With bonding, we place a tooth-colored resin on your teeth. Bonding can restore damaged or misshapen teeth by filling gaps or cracks in teeth, covering discolored teeth that cannot be whitened, and repairing chips.

First we select the right color of bonding material, and then lightly reduce the surface of the teeth. We next apply a conditioning agent to ensure that the resin will bond properly, and apply the bonding material. We sculpt it into a pleasing shape, and then, depending on the specific material, may harden it with a special, high-intensity light. Lastly, we smooth and polish the new restoration, creating a strong and beautiful smile.

For More Information

No matter what kind of celebration you’re looking forward to, we can help you make the day as perfect as it can be. You’ll feel more confident and your smile will look terrific.

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