Can Lamination or Porcelain Crowns be Applied to Patients Suffering from Bruxism?

Number of people suffering from bruxsim increases everyday.

All our negative emotions and thoughts come out especially during the night. Bruxism occurs unconsciously while sleeping. It causes deformations on junctures. We can talk about a solution oriented treatment if juncture treatments are carried out together with psychological treatment.

As a result of bruxism;

Sensitivity teeth and gums, cracks or breaks on tooth, breaks on porcelain tooth and treated root canals, headaches or pain in the neck, jaw joint problems and muscular pain may occur.

Bruxism also causes aesthetic problems along with negative health problems.

As a result of abrasion of the teeth, a decrease may occur in the height of one third of the lower face which results in an elder expression.

Dentin layer comes out due to enamel abrasion and exposes a yellow color. Teeth color becomes darker. According to indications, composite fillings may be applied to replace the lost teeth. Onlay porcelains or full porcelains may be applied to molars so as to restore decreased size of the lower face. However, since the habit continues, night guards are designed in order to protect the restorations and the teeth from abrasion.

According to the correlation of lower and upper jaw movements, laminated porcelains may be applied to people with bruxsim. Laminations will not cause any problem if a night guard is provided. It is more convenient to apply laminated porcelains after the height of the abraded lower front teeth is raised, as only the front surface of the teeth will be cut. 

Dr.Betül Yurteri 
Dentart Implant &Aesthetic Dentistry

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