Cosmetic treatments are typically costly procedures in every country compared to standard procedures. It also differs from one country to another. Nowadays, significant amount of people travel abroad for cosmetic dentistry procedures and There are few popular destinatios such as Hungary, Mexio, Poland, Thailand and Turkey-Istanbul. Turkey provides one of the best dental services when a range of factors had to be weighed up to achieve a good balance: cost versus quality of the dental services.

If you are considering  cosmetic dental treatments such as veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, cosmetic implant treatments or total smile makeover in your country or abroad, then why not find out about treatment cost comparison for your treatments. Always possible to find a cheaper options in your country or abroad but when it comes to cosmetic dentistry but it is important to check other important factors before you make your decision about the dentist and country you travel which can effect treatment quality, cost and your overall satisfaction.

The price of cosmetic treatments may vary depending on a number of factors, such as: 

  • The amount of work and treatment required- It is always good to understand If the treatment is customised for your case and dentist spends enough time to make 3D smile anaylsis for you. Understanding of treatment plan and total duration of procedures is also important to make sure that treatment cost and procedures are well documented and under control.
  • The clinic and dental technician/lab services – some clinics and dental labs that have very high standards, highly trained dentists, technicians and good reputation for excellent cosmetic work with state-of-the-art technology. You can always ask and check existing patients before and after photos.
  • The dentist – his/her level of experience, trainings and qualifications. It is important to find a specialists dentist for your case to avoid problems in near future or after you go back to home. Bad treatment will cost you more after and sometimes, once it is not well done, more difficult to repeat the treatment on top of same teeth and you may need to consider alternative and more costly procedures. 
  • The materials used – the quality and costs of the dental materials used for your treatment.  Branded dental implants or ceramic, porcelain materials are much more expensive than non-branded materials from other countries. Dental crowns with a metal foundation are much cheaper than full porcelain crowns.
  • Aftercare and customer service – is important and you should ask if Dentist or clinic provides a guarantee and aftercare.

To have an idea about treatment types and costs, You can check and compare the most common dental treatment types such as implants, veneers and crowns from our treatment cost calculator  ( for USA, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Dubai-UAE and many other countries. If your country is not listed in the tool,  you can still type and compare your existing treatment plan from your dentist by using same tool.
To have a customised and more accurate treatment plans, you can always call us (+90 530 522 9179)  or  email to

Always keep smiling with Dentart Implant & Aesthetic Dentistry in Istanbul – Turkey.

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