In Office Teeth Whitening – containing nano-Hydroxyapatite whitening (Bio-Whitening) The development of dental products incorporating nano-hydroxapatite to remineralise enamel and strengthen tooth is one of the most important recent developments in dentistry. 
It is used a two-part whitening solution combining an active oxygen foam with nano-Hydroyapatite that is able to adhere to the tooth surface. The mixture of the foam repairs enamel and delivers 5-7 % hydrogen peroxide to the teeth. The results are a whiter brighter smile and a stronger, smoother tooth surface less likely to stain in the future. Concentrated nano-Hydroxyapatite serum is then applied to the teeth which remineralises and repairs the tooth surface, leaving the individual with a healthy white smile, no sensitivity or damage to the enamel.  Even patients who generally suffer from sensitive teeth will find that their sensitivity is greatly reduced after treatment.

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